Orbeolive is a producer of extra virgin olive oil gourmet quality formed by a team passionate about the product and work with innovative character whose intention is to improve the daily life of product quality and customer service.

The team is professional and qualified staff in the area to develop their work, example is: Agricultural Engineer, Graphic Designer, Industrial Engineer, Administrative and Technical Architect.

The brand name Orbeolive® was born as fusion city Segorbe with olive oil tradition, and it is present in all our products as 50K and Botxi.


Situated in Segorbe inland off Castellon (Spain), a privileged spot between the Espadan and Calderona plains, both declared Natural Parks.

Here the Serrana de Espadán olive is born, the protagonist of our range of gourmet products. A unique variety worldwide that produces high quality oils, from smallholder olive tree plots.


The Serrana de Espadán olive variety comes from the south of Castellón, where it is grown practically as a single varietal. It produces high quality oils, good average stability, easy extractability and high market value.


The process is controlled to the maximum detail to produce a high quality oil.

The olive groves are previously selected and the olive is only taken directly from the tree.

Harvest starts when the olives ripen and the oil or natural olive juice is extracted by mechanical or physical cold pressing. Once extracted the juice is allowed to settle naturally until packaging.