The olive oil is a vegetable juice extracted from the olives through pressing, normally eaten raw and possesses outstanding organoleptical properties and a great benefit to health.

Orbeolive has managed to get one of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world with a very low 0.1% acidity and fruitiness characteristic of first harvest of green olive. A true gourmet olive oil with a glass container to preserve all hues and aromas maximum freshness arriving by the end consumer. Our olive oils Botxi and 50K have obtained the highest categorization can have an olive oil to be declare as Extra Virgin aier chemical and organoleptic analysis according to standard UE-796/2002 Being recognized by the DO Comunidad Valenciana guarantee a minimum quality and adds value to our aoves.


Orbeolive know that what macers is on the inside, but we wanted to give our products a sign of identity, accompanied by an elegant, understated and minimalist.

We have used glass bocles custom black lacquered 50K oil and oil Botxi blank, screen printed in various colors like black / white and gold, giving them personality and a gourmet product feature.