90% Serrana

10% (arbequina, picual, villalonga)


High quality olive juice, a blend made ​​from typical native varieties with the main component being Serrana de Espadán. Packaged in glass bottles to avoid losing any of its excellent taste it will not disappoint anyone.

Bottle range

  • 500mL



Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality available because of its chemical and organoleptic properties. unlike other oils it is rich in fatty acids and mono-unsaturated vitamin e, very beneficial elements for your health.


Nose. As you breathe inside the oil cup, perceive an intense fruity ripe olives, which you are going almond aromas, with hints of fig wood and artichoke hearts. Finally, there are some mountain aromas reminiscent of winter blooming heather, as well as highlighting herbs pennyroyal and mint.

Mouth. We observe a dense texture, and aier a few minutes astringency appears positive. Immediately, there is an explosion of flavors, on which stands intensely ripe almonds. As dissipates the almond flavor, they begin to appreciate notes reminiscent of tomato leaf, the plant green beans, and freshly cut grass.

Texture. Dense on the palate and slightly astringent.

Colour. In a transparent glass cup, we see a change in coloring from dark green at the bocom of the cup, to ocher on top.