Pure olive juice of the highest quality, made ​​entirely of the Serrana de Espadán variety. Notable for being cold-pressed young olives, which is why it has a bold, rich flavour on the palate, such as you've never tasted before. All this packed in glass bottle with a sleek and elegant design in line with the quality of the product.

Bottle range

  • 500mL

  • 200mL



The extra virgin olive oil 50K has been awarded the prestigious recognition and competition in the U.S. from 'Los Angeles Intertational Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition' in 2013 with a silver medal for best single varietal olive oil with intense flavor.


Nose. When we smell the 50K olive oil great multitude of aromas flood us, emphasizing among them the olive at veraison that gives way to familiar aromas such as nuts, green apple and ultimately appear lighter shades of berries reminiscent of blackberry.

Mouth. We feel a dense texture, but it becomes fluid in the oral cavity, and allowing evenly impregnating discover an intense flavor of apple. Other flavors are perceived, green almonds evoke and alloza, with notes reminiscent herbs pennyroyal and peppermint. We are facing an extra virgin olive oil that makes clear the great potential of flavors that could provide the variety Serrana de Espadan, like no other.

Texture. Dense texture and slightly astringent mouth

Colour. The 50K olive oil as a forest green hue, characteristic of the Serrana de Espadan variety.


D.O. Aceite Comunidad Valenciana guarantee our extra virgin olive oil 50K is made of maximum quality and by using typical native varieties wich it Serrana de Espadán.


Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality available because of its chemical and organoleptic properties. unlike other oils it is rich in fatty acids and mono-unsaturated vitamin e, very beneficial elements for your health.